#EstudyanTIPS: How to Stop Procrastinating
Author: Margo - Office of PR and Marketing | November 17, 2020

Now that classes are online and we are all stuck at home, it's easy to put off schoolwork for later when our beds are in plain sight. Here are some tips to help fight procrastination.

1. Break your down goals into smaller tasks
Instead of thinking “write your research paper” instead, think "find 5 studies for your related literature" or "transcribe the interview from respondent 09". This makes the task more achievable and you’ll be more motivated to work towards your goal.

2. Get rid of distractions
This is easier said than done because classes are now online. Make use of your phone's “focus mode” if it has one built in or install other apps which limit your phone’s use like “Brain Focus Productivity Timer” [url: ]

3. Pomodoro technique
Pomodoro™ Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Basically it breaks down your work time and puts breaks in between. Studies show that the pomodoro technique increases productivity. You can use a pomodoro timer in your web browser, or download the app here [url: ]

4. Reward yourself
Reward yourself with a break, a snack or playtime with your pets for tasks you accomplish. This keeps the motivation going and you’ll be done with your school work in no time.

5. Do the hardest tasks first
If you do the hardest tasks first, you'll think "it only gets easier from here".

6. Get some rest
It’s hard to hustle when you're out of energy. In sports, rest and recovery is just as important as training. Make sure you get enough sleep and remember to take breaks to recharge yourself.



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