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Enrolment and Termination of Enrolment

Every prospective student must enrol during the prescribed registration period at the opening of the semester. Detailed instructions on enrolment procedure are available and are given to enrollees upon enrolment at the Dean's office.

A bonafide student of the University is one who is duly enrolled, has submitted his valid credentials, has been listed in the class list, has paid the corresponding fees required and has attended classes regularly. The enrolment contract between the school and the student is by semester or by summer term.

If in any one semester or summer session, a student fails in 2 or 3 subjects but less that 40% of his load, he/she may be refused enrolment by his college or will be advised to shift to another course; if allowed to continue, the student carries a maximum load of 15 units. If in any one semester or summer session, a student fails in 40% or more of the total number of academic units in which he received final grades, he shall be dropped from the roll of his college or school and shall be advised to shift to another course were his mental capacities is best fitted. These are regulations adopted by the University to maintain academic excellence.

Withdrawal From Subjects and Curricula

Students may officially withdraw his enrolment from his course after the end of the enrolment period upon the recommendation of the Dean and with the approval of the Registrar. Withdrawal of subjects is not allowed after the Preliminary examinations. Approval for withdrawal will also not be given in the following cases:

if the accumulated number of absences from the class totals 20% of the prescribed number of class hours. if the student does not have a written permission to withdraw from his parents or guardian. Withdrawal from enrolment should be made official to avoid charging of fees.

Cross Enrolment

No student shall enroll simultaneously in two schools without prior approval from the Registrar. Violation of this rule gives the University the right to cancel the student's enrolment. Permission to cross-enrol is issued by the Registrar upon recommendation of the Dean, provided that the applicant is a candidate for graduation during the semester and the subject is not offered or in conflict with any of the student's enrolled subjects during his last term at the University.

The maximum number of units for which cross-enrollment is permitted is six (6) units for a regular term and three (3) units for summer. Cross Enrolment for major subjects is not allowed.

Curricular and Non-Curricular Academic Requirements

The regular semestral load follows the curriculum of the College where the student is enrolled. A student is considered full time or carrying a full time load when he is enrolled in all the subjects prescribed for the semester in his curriculum. This load normally consists of all the academic subjects including Physical Education and NSTP.

Only graduating students enrolled in the last term of their course shall be allowed to carry an overload. An overload of 6 units in excess of the regular curriculum load shall be allowed without prior approval from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) provided these are non-prerequisite subjects.

In meritorious cases, a graduating student may carry a maximum load of twelve units during summer session, if it is his last term of study. (DECS Order No. 36, s. 1998).

Physical Education (PE)

All students are required to earn eight (8) units in P.E. during the first two years. Simultaneous enrolment in two or more P.E. courses in one (1) term is not permitted.

Educational Tours and Field Trips

For subjects requiring the exposures of students to practical applications of theories learned in the classroom or enrichment of knowledge learned from textbooks, the University approves the conduct of educational tours and field trips. The instructor has to secure approval to conduct educational tours/trips from the VPAA if the field trip is incorporated in the syllabus or a natural out growth of an ongoing class activity; from the VPSPS for out of campus activity through the DSA with the endorsement of the Dean. The following requirements shall have to be complied with:

If the field trip is incorporated in the syllabus, arrangement with the school authorities should be made at the beginning of the semester; If the field trip is a natural outgrowth of on-going class activities; arrangement should be made at least one month before the date of the trip;

Letter of Intent for the field trip should include the objectives and the plan for evaluation, Budget must be presented for approval before any field trip is allowed, Within a week after the field trip, a report to assess the strenght and weakness of the activity shall be submitted to the office of the VPSPS. Likewise, financial report of the collection and expenses entailed should also be submitted to the Accounting Office, copy furnished the internal Auditor's Office and All field trips should be accompanied by a faculty member.

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