#EstudyanTIPS: Commonly Mispronounced Words
Author: Margo - Office of PR and Marketing | March 11, 2021

Did you know that there are a lot of words we Filipinos mispronounce? While mispronouncing a few words is certainly understandable, it is better to know how common words should be pronounced correctly. It makes you sound more professional, and you will be better understood when travelling,

8 ounce Coke bottle

coronavirus disease
✘ DEH-sis
✔ duh-ZEEZ

Tuesday this week
✘ CHOOSE-dey
✔ TOOZ-dey

2020 graduate
✘ GRAD-weyt
✔ GRAD-ju-weyt

xerox machine
✘ SEH-roks
✔ ZEE-rohks

✘ con-DOW-lens
✔ COHN-doh-lens

Maria’s debut
✘ DEH-boo
✔ DEY-byoo

favorite music genre
✘ JEN-reh
✔ ZHAN-rhah

indigent person
✘ een-DAY-jent
✔ IN-dee-jent

English language tutor
✘ CHOO-tor
✔ TOO-ter

cocoa powder
✘ koh-KWA
✔ KOHW-kohw



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