Misamis University Central Student Council

misamis university central student council

College of Agriculture and Forestry

Vince Nikko D. JamoayGovernor
Ron Joseph A. QuimnoVice – Governor
Niel L. NagalSecretary
Desy Mae VirtudezTreasurer
Ron Igan E. AnislagAuditor
Mercel B. LihatPublic Relation Officer
Duwey Louise GelbolingoPublic Relation Officer
Anidel M. MetilloSocial Manager
Pete Edsel G. JainSocial Manager
Ronel S. CabanlitAthletic Manager
Mark H. HayagAthletic Manager
Jaime M. GalauraBoard of Director
Neil Bryan C. SuminguitBoard of Director
Michael Ryan P. SarabiaBoard of Director
Joe Christian L. BicoyBoard of Director
Dr. Aser L. CambangayDean
Ms. Jerlyn A. CastroAdviser

College of Arts and Sciences

Geryl-Lae C. OriginesGovernor
Chance Nestor Evan M. RasonableVice – Governor
Stephanie Grace O. DolorSecretary
April Rose D. SuplaagTreasurer
Catalino L. Emperio IIIAuditor
Edwin C. YusoresPublic Relation Officer
Ria T. LacambraPublic Relation Officer
Lowie John Y. Dela SierraSocial Manager
Princess Ria P. PeñasSocial Manager
Al C. AgadAthletic Manager
Renalyn V. AmanteAthletic Manager
Ronald B. SoldeBoard of Director
Arvin T. JalalonBoard of Director
Glori Jane K. TagailoBoard of Director
Joyce C. Dela PeñaBoard of Director
Atty. Anthony L. AwaDean
Ms. Maria Kristina C. VicenteAdviser

College of Business and Management

Hannah V. AlfonGovernor
Kyjale A. CanillaVice – Governor
Veal Irene S. MagsayoSecretary
Jemwarren B. LauronTreasurer
Charldeve T. Gula-gulaAuditor
Edison C. OrongPublic Relation Officer
Rinalyn Grace E. AbarcoPublic Relation Officer
Keren Lou E. JamolinSocial Manager
Trisha May Y. TabuelogSocial Manager
Keith Roland S. BugahodAthletic Manager
Laisa B. MercaderAthletic Manager
Jeanette Isabella D. AlapanBoard of Director
Harem T. LabastillaBoard of Director
Coleen Mae A. VaporBoard of Director
Khyssie Mae V. YuroBoard of Director
Mr. Efren J. BarilloDean
Mr. Arniel M. Elmedulan Jr.Adviser

College of Computer Studies

Mary May C. MagallanesGovernor
Nikko D. MaglangitVice – Governor
Louise Danielle L. TanSecretary
Janine Kaye A. PaninsuroTreasurer
Venneath L. CoderaAuditor
Abba S. JuntongPublic Relation Officer
Love Joy R. De GraciaPublic Relation Officer
Jamesrell L. LirasanSocial Manager
Reymart Dela TorreSocial Manager
Dhaniel John M. PombuenaAthletic Manager
Voybitz L. TimbangAthletic Manager
Alan Marc T. MirabuenoBoard of Director
Renz Marlo E. PacatanBoard of Director
Shairah Kiss PintacasiBoard of Director
Angele May M. VeranoBoard of Director
Ms. Roseclaremath A. CaroroDeans
Mr. Markdy Y. OrongAdviser
Mr. Rolysent K. ParedesAdviser

College of Crimilogy

Austin L. CañoGovernor
Sheila Mae R. AbingVice – Governor
Terry Mae B. LazagaSecretary
Rochelle Ann A. AmomonponTreasurer
Junine D. AninaoAuditor
Angelica A. BongbongPublic Relation Officer
Sunny J. DumpaPublic Relation Officer
Irich Al O. ZamoraSocial Manager
Joemer Grace B. LesondraSocial Manager
Raphy P. CamerinoAthletic Manager
Richel S. YuntingAthletic Manager
Louie J. Barillo Board of Director
Jan Clifford RamosBoard of Director
Arvin Jov M. PongaseBoard of Director
Joeven T. ValdezBoard of Director
John Paul E. GamalindaBoard of Director
Dr. Mercy O. Caba-ongDean/ Adviser

College of Dentistry

Michael Vincent E. DimpasGovernor
Kyla Glaze P. IgnacioVice – Governor
Chris Charmel E. RamaSecretary
Cristine L. PagsiatTreasurer
Benjie A. LicoAuditor
Anna Caterina R. YapPublic Relation Officer
Beatrice MayumanPublic Relation Officer
Princess Zachary Mae P. SisonSocial Manager
Kimberly C. CatalonSocial Manager
Mary Angel E. SabueroAthletic Manager
Jason P. FilipinoAthletic Manager
Carlo L. DetallaBoard of Director
Cristine D. BolivarBoard of Director
Doly Mae S. CajelesBoard of Director
Ona Reina P. BatarBoard of Director
Dr. Marlo Engelberto C. Lasutaz Jr.Dean
Dr. Aldred Gawaine P. LasutazAdviser

College of Education

Joshua S. ColanggoGovernor
Marjorie D. BalbueanaVice – Governor
April Rose M. ToringSecretary
Melody B. HoyohoyTreasurer
Clyza L. CalahatAuditor
Jeneva B. TierraPublic Relation Officer
Jeric C. TigoloPublic Relation Officer
Jevyhine C. VillarmeroSocial Manager
Chares G. CasanesSocial Manager
Marvin C. MaravilesAthletic Manager
Quirino A. Aso IIAthletic Manager
Jhed Gabriel L. SanchezBoard of Director
Katherine Rose G. LopezBoard of Director
Sheila Joy O. QuilabBoard of Director
Dr. Perlito D. JomuadDean
Mr. Jame S. BazarAdviser

College of Engineering and Technology

Clepol B. MandaweGovernor
Ruther John M. BagalanonVice – Governor
Cyrille Jane O. BestoSecretary
Erika CebedoTreasurer
Honey Lee M. VillahermosaAuditor
Noelben L. AlaganoPublic Relation Officer
Janfel S. DelostricoPublic Relation Officer
Art C. AcapulcoSocial Manager
Rens Charls A. MartirAthletic Manager
Merbert P. CarilloAthletic Manager
Yralaine L. LaciaBoard of Director
Julia Kaye P. LigueBoard of Director
Justine Ivan B. QuinteroBoard of Director
Rowino C. PradoBoard of Director
Engr. Isidro M. Dalis Jr.Dean
Engr. Genelyn J. CaritosAdviser

College of Maritime Education

Jhonas Klein Darle O. QuintilaGovernor
Joel H. Anonat Jr.Vice – Governor
Philmaica E. AlforqueSecretary
Judy Ann A. QuinimonTreasurer
Vincent Paul B. ErapAuditor
Gibriel Noel T. Cadungog IPublic Relation Officer
Clemen Roi S. GabulePublic Relation Officer
Danry J. AñabiezaSocial Manager
Rhusell O. IlaoSocial Manager
Carl Jay C. CalAthletic Manager
Jay Gary S. MendezAthletic Manager
Jean Carlo B. BaidBoard of Director
Vanessa M. AbenirBoard of Director
Ardie Q. ElloBoard of Director
Ray D. SabanalBoard of Director
Capt. Arturo M. GenonDean
Capt. Carmelo M. RamoAdviser

College of Medical Technology

James Roger A. JavierGovernor
Karl Maxel O. LaoVice – Governor (External)
Hazel Faye A. AclaoVice – Governor (Internal)
Kenneth M. EvidientesSecretary
Jia D. AntipoloTreasurer
Ephesiany G. FranciscoAuditor
Edcel Grace C. CobrillaPublic Relation Officer
Almairah M. BucayPublic Relation Officer
Chesse Gee C. EnriquezPublic Relation Officer
Aryd Madel M. Del PozoSocial Manager
Nise B. AmparadoSocial Manager
Jacob Andree N. OrquillasAthletic Manager
Kyla Blythe Diahann P. AclaoAthletic Manager
Krishia Rhey L. DulaBoard of Director
Peter Mico P. QuimnoBoard of Director
Louiellyn L. OngcoyBoard of Director
Jaely Anne D. JamandraBoard of Director
Yedda Sophie D. EbarleBoard of Director
Ms. Evangeline M. SeñedoDean
Ms. Jofimae Marie G. RomeroAdviser

College of Nursing and Midwifery

Louie Jay O. AdlaoGovernor
Khryssia Marie R. EspañolVice – Governor
Elviguil B. SuladaySecretary
Yvonne O. OtidTreasurer
Thelma S. ValcorzaAuditor
Racheed B. LeonardoPublic Relation Officer
Aubrey Claire C. JaymePublic Relation Officer
Ivy Diane B. LazarteSocial Manager
Joshua Laureto S. MutiaSocial Manager
Naida Colleen A. VelasquezAthletic Manager
Sheena Allysa R. UndagAthletic Manager
Cherry Mae P. Pariñas Board of Director
Nikki Jhasmine A. BalazoBoard of Director
Junnalyn L. BerjameBoard of Director
Keren Joy S. EstudilloBoard of Director
Ms. Ginalyn C. ElmedulanDean
Ms. Judy Jane S. ReveloAdviser

Grade School

Faith Khloe M. OcangGovernor
Ioan Jiro C. DalisVice – Governor
Raynier Joshua E. TelloSecretary
Chervie Lee J. SoonTreasurer
Princess Julia N. MillanarAuditor
Drizzle Kate NeriPublic Relation Officer
Edel James C. ResusPublic Relation Officer
Andrielle Xenne S. ClarinSocial Manager
Rania Mae Z. FernandezSocial Manager
Andrei AhictinAthletic Manager
Alliyah Kristel E. LumasagAthletic Manager
Alexa Faye A. AclaoBoard of Director
Angel Marie B. TocsonBoard of Director
Mary Joy C. DagumanBoard of Director
Aya T. SeikeBoard of Director
Ms. Analyn S. ClarinPrincipal
Ms. Gladys M. BaracolAdviser

Junior High School

Shala C. MasipGovernor
Eman L. NadelaVice – Governor
Noshin T. VarquezSecretary
Honey Grace M. EcongTreasurer
Josh Mark Rowi Y. PahayahayAuditor
Geraldine QuilarPublic Relation Officer
Kenjie A. SechicoPublic Relation Officer
Blance Orvinne P. ErquitaSocial Manager
Ralph Josh Y. AlantaolSocial Manager
Franzlyn Feby O. VillarAthletic Manager
Christian Rofiel G. CenizaAthletic Manager
Julvemar B. DionioBoard of Director
Angela M. EspanilloBoard of Director
May Angela R. AngBoard of Director
Athea Gay B. PlataBoard of Director
Precious Nicole D. TompongBoard of Director
Ms. Analyn S. ClarinDean
Ms. Lilibeth A. Dela PeñaAdviser

Senior High School

Cyril M. LiwagonGovernor
Kurt Klifford S. TirolVice – Governor
Lee Andrew B. BuhisanSecretary
Pearl Angelie K. BegafriaTreasurer
Jairus Fritzh G. DelantarAuditor
Sheen S. SerohijosPublic Relation Officer
Janen Z. NeriPublic Relation Officer
Sophia Marie E. EchavezSocial Manager
Billy Marc C. LoodSocial Manager
Ivan Jason C. DalisAthletic Manager
Regie U. LagulosAthletic Manager
Jabez S. BoholBoard of Director
Gelyn B. PelareBoard of Director
John Aljhon C. DaygamBoard of Director
Shainna Mae C. LabadanBoard of Director
Ms. Analyn S. ClarinPrincipal
Mr. Von Anthony P. PlangcaAdviser


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