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The making of a quality learner, a board exam topnotcher

The making of a quality learner, a board exam topnotcher

Quality Education is manifested in 5 dimensions of quality – quality learner, quality learning environment, quality processes, quality learning content and quality outcome. This writing would describe an exhibit of the first dimension - quality learner.

Confident, smart and fufilled - This was how we described the 9th Placer in the December 2013 Nurses Licensure Examination Joni Leih V. Dongallo as she entered the function hall of The Manor for the press conference organized by the Office of PR and Marketing on January 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM. Joni, as she is fondly called by her family and friends, exuded the air of a full-fledged professional and a self-assured person as she was formally introduced to the media.

As a non-sectarian institution, Misamis University recognizes and support every religious organization and gives the students the freedom to exercise their faith. ‘I give back the glory, honor, and praise to the Almighty for the victory that He has given me. I can only look back to the experience with immense gratitude to God, my family, and the rest of the people who have been vital to my success.’ This was Joni’s opening statement. Obviously, she is a person who absolutely knows whom to honor for the success she recently accomplished.

When asked how Misamis University prepared her for this success, Joni knows how she was groomed from the start, ‘I believe it was a four-year preparation for me at Misamis University. From the introduction of the foundation in freshman until the intensive nursing practice and in-house reviews in the senior year, the institution gave me the quality education I needed. I also had passionate instructors who gave their best in teaching so we may get the best from them. The up-to-date facilities and the trainings that the university provided, including the affiliation with various institutions, also enhanced my learning and contributed to the widened perspective that I gained, which came in handy in both the N.L.E. and the real world.’ As a responsible student, Joni is fully aware of the university’s ground works in the delivery of quality education.

Having adopted the Outcomes Based Education, the learning environment at Misamis University is quite challenging yet very fulfilling for those who have a high sense of personal leadership. ‘I imposed discipline on my self. The review classes I took surely helped, but I didn’t stop there. I had to do many readings and trained myself on attacking questions and developing test-taking strategies through test drills.’ Joni exemplifies the characters of a quality learner - self-motivated, proactive and disciplined.

True to its mission, Misamis University instills in the spirit of every learner the love and care for the community which is exercised in the way the students deliver their practicum tasks in the field. ‘Nursing has in its core the passion for caring. Everyone inclined to the nursing field should have the mind to understand, the heart to care and the will to serve. It will have to be a lifelong journey for me as a nurse.’

A dedicated and passionate learner, Joni is convicted to learn more in her profession as a nurse and to share her ways to those who wish to follow the trail. ‘To all in pursuit of what life has to offer, you have within you the capability to outdo yourself and discover your own way to any form of success. Fire up the passion, seek inspiration, get rooted in your faith, and stay committed till you get results.’

Inspired by her devotion to the Almighty, Joni proved that her faith in God completes all the efforts. ‘But most of all, every effort I made would have been in vain if I didn’t put God at the center of everything. I know I couldn’t do it myself, so I trusted God that He will give me the desires of my heart if I delight in Him and in His word. I think that was the ultimate secret I had.’

Joni Leih V. Dongallo is one of the many quality learners Misamis University has produced over the years. True to its promise of quality education, Misamis University indeed fulfills them in many ways.

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